Eclairs, oh eclairs, now tomorrow I have to run the stairs!

        Wow, so on Pinterest last week, I saw a link for a recipe for mini chocolate eclairs. My first thought was, why would anyone WANT a mini chocolate eclair? I want the whole thing, darn’t! My next thought was, of course, I need to make these. During the last week, I haven’t had any time for anything extra, so the thought of chocolate eclairs stuffed with pastry cream just percolated in the back of my brain. Until today. 

        Of course, finding the time to make them on a Sunday when my husband is at work and the little varmint wants to go outside every 5 seconds isn’t the easiest thing to do! After 2 failed nap attempts (and trust me, she NEEDED a nap, big time!) she finally succumbed to some warm milk and sheer exhaustion. Blowing dandelion seeds all over the yard can do that to ya. I got all my ingredients together and got to baking. For eclairs, you have to put together puff pastry or “choux” dough, then pipe it onto a baking sheet. I am not going to lie, when I got done piping, it kind of looked like I had a pan full of yellow doggie poop. I could only hope it would get better after some time in the oven!

         Thankfully, the dough puffed like a dream (lost the poop look) and turned a stiff, crusty golden brown. Filled with cream and topped with chocolate, these babies are freaking perfection! I mean it- I like these things way too much! Its a good thing I have to save some to sell, or else this entire pan of pastries would be gone. 

         So at least the eclairs turned out well this week. I had a few mishaps and one teensy, weensy emotional breakdown over apple pie. Apparently, I should market apple pie filling as superglue! Since that’s how it worked between the cookie sheet and the bottom of the pie pan, which would NOT come off and I broke a knife trying to pry it up. Didn’t work and I will admit, I went momentarily insane driven by acute frustration for like, maybe 2 seconds. At the most. My cookie sheet now has knife holes in it from where I gave vent to my feelings. And this week, I am tackling an argument with the Health Department over a septic tank, so I’m thinking I might need to keep the knife and the cookie sheet handy. Or save 2 BIG eclairs just for me 🙂 I will let y’all know how it goes! Laters!


The first post! It’s like putting on new socks!

Good afternoon! I have spent the last hour trying to set up my blog and let me say this- sometimes, living out in the boonies sucks! See, our home doesn’t have Internet. We have to use the hotspots on our phones to connect, its super slow and one cannot do a whole lot at one time or else it locks up and runs EVEN SLOWER. So, it has taken me much longer, I think, to set this up than it should have. But anyway, on to the first post!

The reason I wanted to start a blog is because I used to love to write. And it seemed like the perfect opportunity with me starting a small business to write about everything I am experiencing during this process and get back to something that gave me a lot of satisfaction. Also, because sometimes, really, really funny things happen to me in the kitchen and I have no one to share it with! My husband, as wonderful as he is, really doesn’t care that my cake literally blew up after I added an extra 2 teaspoons of baking soda because I thought that it would just make it rise that much more! It sounded like a good idea at the time….

I also have a lot of different interests that I like to talk about…..but again, my family does not always share these interests. In fact, the one time my husband used Google on my phone and saw my search history, he sighed, shook his head and actually said, “what the hell do you need to know about that for?!” Don’t worry, all you dirty minds out there, I was looking up space-time continuum theories! For the record, I can feel all of you shaking your heads out there right now- I am used to it 🙂 These are some of the things I like to research and read about and this blog will cover not only my newest endeavor, but all of my old passions as well! Oh and y’all understand my title, don’t you? Who doesn’t love putting on those never been worn, still white, unsoiled new socks! It’s a great feeling! Til next time, guys 🙂

"The only real stumbling block is fear or failure. In cooking, you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude." -Julia child